What Does It Take To Build A Strong Brand

Building a strong brand is crucial for every company, regardless of its size or industry. A robust brand not only increases the number of prospects and clients but also fosters customer loyalty, leading to repeat purchases. Furthermore, a strong brand has the power to attract high-paying clients, propelling a company to new heights of success. […]

Why 99% of Business Plans Written by Experts Don’t Work

If you are an entrepreneur or striving to become one, one of the first things you will come in touch with is writing a business plan. Do you need a business plan and if yes, how should you write it? Is a good business plan a sign of a future successful business or is there […]

What Should Companies in UAE Do to Increase Their Profit

Being profitable is one of the main success measurements for every business. Global crises and the pandemic in 2020 have shown us that even some of the biggest companies with high cash flow were going out of business due to low-profit margins. As per Forbes Magazine (2018), 80% of start-up businesses go out of business […]