Create Your Own Future

Free program for orphanages

Create Your Own Future” is a program designed to empower children that are growing up in orphanages and poverty. The program gives step by step instructions on how to create daily routines that will lead children to happiness and wealth. The program is simple but very powerful when applied. This program was created based on a belief that we are all born with equal potential and that we can create a happy, healthy and wealthy life if we are thought how. However, developing this potential is directly influenced by our environment and the way we are raised. Children who grow up in orphanages are usually exposed to feel as less fortunate, abounded and that their destiny is sealed. People around them usually pity them, feel sad and emotional. However, those children will not benefit from pitting and sadness. What they need are people who believe in them and who will raise then to become strong, kind and successful. Our wish is that this Program will change millions of lives by creating free mindsets.

Together we can do more!

Kind regards,
Nevena Bazalac CEO at L.A.K.E Consulting – Your Partner For Better Education

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