L-learn A-apply K-know E-educate

L.A.K.E Consulting is a global educational consulting firm that uses highly specialized knowledge and expertise to help educational institutions and individuals achieve their goals and get better results.

L.A.K.E stands for L-learn A-apply K-know E-educate as we are driven by the idea that the real knowledge comes only when learned information is applied and that those who know will then educate others. This unique approach implemented through our Training Program and Curriculum Development brings an exceptional results.

L.A.K.E also represents our sustainable approach and love and care for our planet and environment. L.A.K.E Consulting helps schools build facilities and create educational resources using recycling materials with minimum budgets. We strongly believe in involving the community (Government, Parents, Colleagues, Neighborhood) in project development as it leads to success and sets an example for the future generations.

L.A.K.E is setting the new standards in the area of educational consulting through our: